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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Cellar Jazz Club

3611 W. Broadway (Kitsilano)
Vancouver, BC V6R 2B8
(604) 738-1959
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A small underground club that brings international jazz talent to the people of Vancouver. The door charge for tickets (added to the bill) is $10 per person with an additional minimum charge of $10 for food/drink. The stage inside takes up a whole wall of the place and small tables surround it. It's a very cozy atmosphere! There's a assortment of things on the menu all priced between $7 to $25 for appetizers, entrées, and desserts. We also tried the Yam Frite (fries), which were $11 I think, they tasted weird by themselves, but surprisingly good when dipped into its sauce (mixture of tzatziki sauce with some dill) inside a cucumber yum! Prepare to enjoy some great jazz music and food!

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Chocolate Mousse Cake $11
This is a bit too big for one person to finish but its taste is not over powering. The mousse part is very light, and goes well with the chocolate cake, pomegranate seeds and sauce. Definitely one of the better tasting western cakes I've had because I usually find them too sweet or too rich.

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Sushi World / Pink Swirl

4540 No. 3 Rd (same mall with the Hon's)
Richmond, BC V6X4E4
Tel: (604) 303-7735

Sushi World recently moved and joined with the Pink Swirl store (for awhile they were offering combination offers between the 2 restaurants but now they are one). The owner is this Asian guy who's super nice and talkative and remembers most customers. He's a reasonable guy so if you have any special requests or questions about the rolls or what not, he'll let you know. Other rolls I've had here besides the ones pictured that I would recommend are the Canucks Roll(has smoked salmon), Empire Roll (has unagi), and the Salmon Rose (salmon sashimi together with some chopped scallop).

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Tokyo Combo ~$7.50 - 8
Combos are usually more affordable with more variety. Their original spicy sauce drizzled on top costs like $0.25 or something to add but it brings a new dimension to the roll.

Tokyo Roll $4.95
This is one of the more interesting and original rolls that can be ordered here. Instead of rice and seaweed, the artificial crab and salmon sashimi is wrapped in a thin layer of crepe. I always order this whenever I eat at Sushi World!

Negitoro $2.95
This was alright, the taste of the negitoro is definitely not the best I've had. The seaweed was not crispy enough and the green onions were too big.

Fresh Strawberry Slush +$2.50
You can add a fresh slush to your meal by adding $2.50. This was a very good strawberry slush, you can really taste the fruit in this. Very yummy and refreshing!!

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Sushi World
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Pink Swirl
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Boss Bakery/Restaurant 大班

4800 Kingsway, #238 (inside Metropolis Metrotown by Zellers)
Burnaby, BC V5H4J2
Tel: (604) 438-2677

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This is one of the cleaner Hong Kong style cafés you will find, and one of the only HK cafés in Burnaby. They're located inside Metropolis at Metrotown and renovated last year. The place looks a lot better now and seats more people, but all the prices of their food have gone up. Now its quite expensive and not worth the visit and I'll probably not go back since the food quality stayed about the same. Their service is pretty good though, they keep your cups filled at all times.

Mushroom and shrimp eggs in panfried e-fu noodles ~$9
This was ordered from their regular menu and is a standard sized dish. Too big to finish in one sitting so I packed this home afterwards.

Pork Sandwich with fries
Your standard sandwich and the fries were pretty crispy and crunchy.

Baked Pork Chop on Rice
This was ordered from the combos mini-meal menu and came with a drink (HK style milk tea).

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bon's Off Broadway

2451 Nanaimo St.
Vancouver, BC V5N5E5
Tel: (604) 253-7242
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This place is a couple blocks from Broadway skytrain station and super packed during lunch time. The staff there's very friendly and service speed is average, not too bad considering how packed it is during peak hours. It's been around for 13 years, started/owned by Bon Wong.

Breakfast Special $2.95
Greasy but good! Choice of White/Brown/Rye 2 toasts, 2 bacon/sausages, 2 eggs, and panfried fries. The portions are quite big too, I can barely finish it.

Cheeseburger $3.95
French fries were crispy and crunchy! Burger has real cheese and is very very meaty. It all tastes very satisfying. (Sorry about the bad photo. I had to use my cellphone camera because I forgot my regular one)

Pancakes (2 high) $2.95
Fluffy pancakes comparable to IHOP :) its not as fragrant but still good.

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