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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Burger Burger

#4 - 340 Sixth Street
New Westminster, BC V3L 3A8
Tel: (604) 525-4229

Service: Interior Atmosphere: Pricing:

This is a tiny burger shack in this corner block along 6th Street in New West, its just the next block down from the Hon's Wontun House. It's closed on Tuesdays :( It appears to be run by this Korean couple, a guy working the grill, and a woman on the phone at the counter. There's bar seating as well as tables so groups of 4-8 would fit. The place can probably seat about 20 people if the chairs are strategically placed. This place has a really big menu and I want to go back and try their other things. I should have taken a picture of it :( so I will probably revisit this place again when I want a grease fix :D

Burger Burger
Combo A: Bacon Cheese Burger with Fries and Pop ~ $5
This is actually a really really good deal, it's one of their specials so if you don't know what to order, just get this one! Who doesn't like bacon cheeseburgers!?!

Burger Burger
Bulgogi Burger with Fries ~$4.50
I like the bulgogi patty because it tastes a little bit sweet. Bulgogi is a kinda of Korean style marinated meat, and this tastes yummy as a burger. I like it more than the regular burger patties, that's for sure. The fries were quite good as well, crunchy, crispy, asian cooks sure know their fries.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Italian Kitchen

1037 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1A1
Tel: (604) 687-2858‎

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A bustling contemporary Italian restaurant located just a block from Burrard Station has excellent staff and atmosphere. Glasses were always filled, and the hostess offered our group some complimentary bruschetta while we were waiting for a table. This place is packed during dinner times and its highly recommended that you make reservations. The lighting inside was quite dim, so it wasn't easy to take photos of the food.

Italian Kitchen:

Italian Kitchen: Bruschetta Sampler
Bruschetta Sampler $12
chick pea, pesto burrata, tomato basil
This was interesting, to have so many different flavours on the same bread. Personally I liked the tomato basil flavour, but others liked the pesto burrata more. This was pretty yummy, and a very good appetizer to share with others .

Italian Kitchen: Crispy Fried Calamari
Crispy Fried Calamari $11
spicy sicilian tomato sauce
I was not impressed with this, the photo makes the bowl looks smaller than it actually is because the portion size was quite generous. The texture of the squid was quite soft and easy to chew, but the taste was very normal (peppered batter) resembling the deep-fried squid you can order at dimsum. In fact, they tasted so similar that I wouldn't have noticed if they replaced each other, but the price certainly is not the same. The sauce is the only thing that makes them different. (It even looks the same...)

Italian Kitchen: Kobe Meatballs
Kobe Meatballs $1 !
We had a coupon that entitled our table to these complimentary kobe meatballs. These were quite tasty, and spicy, but didn't really taste spectacular or anything. The tomato sauce gave it a kick but other than that I did not find these memorable except for their size since each of them were around 2" in diameter.

Italian Kitchen: Hand-Rolled Gnocchi
Hand-Rolled Gnocchi $16
roasted tomato, basil cream
The photo makes the bowl look small when in reality it was quite large. Overall good gnocchi.

Italian Kitchen: Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza $14
oven dried tomatoes, mozzarella, oregano
This hearty pizza packs a punch in taste. Crust was good and the yellow tomatoes were a nice touch.

Italian Kitchen: Quattro Formaggio "Bianco" Pizza
Quattro Formaggio "Bianco" Pizza $14
caciocavallo, fontina, asiago, buffalo mozzarella
Yummy yummy yummy! They did not skimp out on the four cheeses as you can see this pizza is loaded! It totally melts in your mouth at each bite and if you like cheese, especially mozzarella, then this pizza is for you! It's just delicious! You must try this!!

Italian Kitchen: Pappardelle Lamb Sausage
Papperdelle Lamb Sausage $16
cabbage, potatoes, peperoncino, olive oil
Pretty good pasta where the lamb doesn't taste too gamey. The potatoes were a surprise since they're not usually found in pasta like this.

Italian Kitchen: Caprese Salad
Caprese Salad $13
buffalo mozzarella, amorosa tomatoes, basil
I totally did not expect their caprese salad to look like this, with barely any basil. In Italy, all the caprese salads/panini have ample basil with the buffalo mozzarella (bocconcini) in thick circular slices. Here as you can see, the cheese is all mushy and there's barely any greens. With that said, this salad still tasted good but could have been perfect if it had more basil (at the very least have 3 or 4 leaves..) The red and yellow tomatoes were especially yummy, fresh and juicy. The olive oil they used was also exceptionally good too. Overall, I enjoyed eating this but the lack of basil really disappointed me. Otherwise I the taste was good enough to bring me back to my days eating in Italy.

Italian Kitchen: Vanilla Gelato
Vanilla Gelato $7
amarena cherries, chocolate biscotti
Doesn't it look pretty? Reasonable portions for delicious gelato! The biscotti was pretty good too.

Italian Kitchen: Tiramisu
Tiramisu $7
mascarpone mousse, espresso soaked lady fingers, mocha crème anglaise
Light, fluffy, and soft, this was probably the softest tiramisu I've ever had. The texture is in between that of whipped-cream and mousse. The taste was not too sweet or bitter, making this cake effortless to devour. Yummy yummy!! It's probably one of the best tiramisu I've had in Vancouver.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bon Crepe

1238 - 1240 Robson St (Part of Konbiniya, Downtown)
Vancouver, BC V6E 1C1

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This store specializes in Japanese-style crepes with mochi texture. It used to be located inside Parker Place in Richmond, and then moved to downtown Robson street in recent years. It's probably accessible to a wider variety of customers since moving. There is this nice Japanese man who prepares the crepes everyday since each is made-to-order. They recently started selling soft-serve ice cream at about $2 or something per cone. The ice cream tastes different than say Dairy Queen or McDonald's in that it reminds me of marshmallows.

Bon Crepe
Banana & Chocolate Crepe $3.77
This is safe bet for a crepe, you can't go wrong with banana and chocolate.

Bon Crepe
Strawberry Shortcake Crepe ~$4
Very light and yummy. There's an actual cake in there with real fresh strawberries! I like their whipped cream, it doesn't melt as easily. Perfect dessert after a meal :) This flavour is actually only available for a limited time.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Deli Nippon

3913 Knight Street
Vancouver, BC V5N 3L8
Tel: (604) 568-6101
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Japanese Healthy Food. All their prices already include tax and they're unfortunately CLOSED ON MONDAYS!! Their location is a bit hidden because it blends in with the rest of the shops on that small block. The food is exceptional from this little deli. Their service is good considering it's only the owner and one more person in the back making all the food. Their tea is very very tasty! I could drink it all day Pricing is great also since you pay only $7-$8 (depending which okonomiyaki you get) for a 10 inch. I definitely recommend this place if you want great unfranchised local Japanese food.

Deli Nippon Italian style okonomiyaki
Italian Okonomiyaki $8.50
bacon, cheese, egg, noodles, bonito flakes
This is a good dish to share between 3-4 people. Traditionally, okonomiyaki should be with pork, but this looked more interesting. I mean, how can you not like bacon and cheese?! I thought it would be too rich and crazy but it turned out sooo good! The combination of bacon, cheese and egg is good and made the okonomiyaki smell amazing! like a feast for your nostrils. TRY IT!

Deli Nippon Miso Ramen
Miso Ramen $6
This could very well be the most affordable bowl of ramen in the lower mainland. The miso tastes good and healthy, not covered in oil or overly salty. The texture of the noodles are not al-dente so most people will find it too soft. I personally Iike softer noodles so this fits my preferences. :)

Deli Nippon Miso Ramen with Gyoza
Miso Ramen with Gyoza $7
Their menu has a lot of combinations, this being one of them where you can add gyoza — good ones!

Shoyu Ramen
Shoyu Ramen $5.50
Simple and tasty, more on the saltier side but that's usually expected of shoyu (soy sauce) flavour. This time the noodles were a lot firmer too. I really like the pork slices because they were a generous size and had an appropriate amount of fat on them. I like how the seaweed it comes with is separately served (I put it into the bowl for the photo).

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