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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ezo Giku Noodle Cafe えぞ菊

1329 Robson St (Downtown)
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-685-8606

This place was my FAVOURITE ramen place up until they renovated in 2007 :( This place had the BEST gyoza in town hands down! (Much better than Gyoza King across the street). They used to have corn as a standard element in their ramen along with bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, and what not. Now you have to add a few cents to get it... (maybe too many people were wasting food?) So after the renovation, they got a massive bar seating area that replaced the old small bar and some changes to their menu. I personally thought the place was fine before the renovation. I've tried many of the ramen before their renovation, they've got a lot of Sapporo style ones an also rice. They have a stamp card where you get a stamp for each ramen you ordered and you get a free one if you collect 10 stamps. Needless to say I had 2+ stamp cards but that was back then.... Now I get the Miso Ramen most often and 'add' corn to it *sigh*. I WANT THE OLD EZO GIKU BACK!!

Side Note: I'm not sure what that artificial crab stick is doing in the bowl...

Service: Interior Atmosphere: Pricing:

Miso Ramen & Gyoza ~$8.25
It was good still, just not as good as it used to be. Its still got a good miso soup base. I'm not sure if I would purposely come here from Burnaby just to eat this ramen anymore...

Char Siu Ramen $7.95
The meat was very tasty :D yummy! I find it funny that its got bok choi in it

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