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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sushi Town

5935 E. Hastings St (North Burnaby)
Burnaby, BC V5B 1R7
Tel: (604) 294-6155

This is one of those sushi restaurants run by Koreans. They've got an assortment of unique rolls, all quite good. Good flavours. The price is very affordable and the rolls are a decent size! Too bad its way in North Burnaby... :( Although this place has gotten quite popular and I believe is affiliated with Sushi Garden on Kingsway across from Metrotown.

Mangodise Roll
Artificial crab and tuna inside, topped with shrimp

Avacado and cucumber topped with unagi!

Awesome Roll
must try!

Negitoro, something I can't remember, and a california-like roll topped with unagi.
This particular time, the unagi tasted all funky and not at all what its supposed to be like..I don't think we finished this but kind of felt bad to ask them to remake it since we had already eaten some... Service was really good though!

Salmon Sashimi
This was really good! Fresh and good sizes!

Red Roll
Scallop roll topped with spicy Tuna

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