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Monday, February 1, 2010

Flying Beaver Bar & Grill

4760 Inglis Drive (near the airport)
Richmond, BC V7B1W4
Tel: (604) 273-0278
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There's cheap wings night on Wednesdays at this bar that's located next to helicopter landing by the Richmond airport. There are a lot of windows facing the west so you get a good view of the surrounding flat airport/fields. Ambience is good but it gets quite busy the later it is in the day since it's a bar after all. You'd probably get a good view of the sunset there :)

Calamari ~$8

Chicken wing flavours:

Salt & Pepper
Simple but good. This wasn't covered in sauce so the wings were quite crispy and crunchy still. I

Spicy Thai
Quite flavourful and not really spicy. It's a good variation to complement the Salt & Pepper wings.

Honey Garlic
I didn't end up liking this one that much although I chose this flavour. It didn't have enough taste (garlic or salt) in it and it was very difficult to hold because the sauce made it super slippery.

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Elaine said...

They have really good yam fries too! Try it next time! I think the reason it's not that spicy is because it's called Thai Chilli not Spicy Thai? It's kind of like a sweet & spicy taste.

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