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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Red Star Seafood Restaurant 鴻星海鮮酒家

8298 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6P4Z4
Tel: (604) 261-8389
Fax: (604) 261-7877

Service: Interior Atmosphere: Pricing:

This is a popular higher-end Chinese restaurant. I personally like the Granville location better than the Richmond one. Their interior is nice, pricing is average and the service is good. The food overall is tasty.

Blanched Geoduck
The geoduck was cooked perfectly so it wasn't too chewy. It goes great with the light soy dipping sauce.

Roasted Squab
This was perfectly roasted with tender meat and crispy skin. What can I say, it was yummy!

Steamed Fish in Lotus Leaf
Not particularly memorable...

Fish Soup
I have to say, I usually love fish soup, and I loved this one! Tastes clear and healthy.

Blanched beef slices with vegetables
I really like this dish too even though its super simple. You just take the fat beef and dip it into this special soy sauce and eat it. Goes great with the vegetables (菜苗 - baby veggies?)

Stir-fry Prawns with Lima Beans
Nothing too special about this dish, nonetheless it was sold. The shrimp and beans were very crunchy and fresh, even when covered in that sauce.

Rock Cod with Stir-fry Vegetables (1st half of the fish)
The fish was cooked well here, very tasty and good texture – what you'd expect from a fresh fish. Other than that, nothing special.

Rock Cod with Tofu (2nd half of the fish)
I was not a fan of this one, they took the rest of the fish and cooked it a entirely different way. It was tasty but some of the fish bones were swimming in that sauce so it was difficult to eat comfortably.

Jumbo Scallops with Garlic
These were sizable scallops, it was at least 2" in diameter. I'm a sucker for garlic flavoured seafood, but you can also order this cooked in different ways. I believe it was like $6-$8/piece.

Seasoned Chicken (Half)
This is one of those staple foods you'd find at ANY Chinese restaurant. This place was no exception, the chicken was well made. Juicy and tender, just the way I like it. I believe the chicken is cooked in a chicken broth to amplify flavour.

Red bean soup, almond cookies
Your standard Chinese dessert after a meal. LOVE the cookies!

Their name in English is 'Red Star' but that's not actully the meaning of their Chinese name. 鴻 (word for 'wild swan') sounds just like the word for 'red' (紅). My aunt told me there's a popular restaurant with the same name in Hong Kong, but we don't know if they're affliated.

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