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Saturday, December 12, 2009

IKI Japanese Restaurant

2756 W Broadway (Kitslano)
Vancouver, BC V6K 2G4
Tel: (604) 731-4771
The offer the option of having brown rice in their maki (sushi rolls) instead of white for the health-conscious-kitslano eaters. Atmosphere is comfortable, quiet, a bit on the dim side lighting-wise. I would probably come back here again and try their other speciality rolls and order the Iki Roll again! ^__^ YUM!

Service: Interior Atmosphere: Pricing:

Iki Roll $8
Salmon, avacado, cucumber wrapped with seared tuna.
LOVED IT! :) DELICIOUS! A must-try if you like tuna tataki.

Other rolls ordered were quite mediocre.. :/

Crispy Dungeness Crab Roll $5.50
Dungeness crab, cucumber, avacado rolled in tempura crisp
TOO BLAND :( tasted a lot better when I dipped them in the Fire Tower's sauce

9th Avenue Roll $8
Crab, scallop & mayo, cucumber. Topped with Salmon & Tobiko.
Not very memorable..? It was okay.

Negitoro Roll $3
The seaweed at the time was a bit soggy instead of crispy :/

Fire Tower $5?
Deep fried yam drizzled in this orangy tangy/sweet sauce
Yummy, really oily of course but the sauce is good, very tasty!

Star Roll $4
Salmon and tuna sashimi with avocado arranged in a star shape.
Yummy! This reminds me of a small house roll.

Philly Roll $4?
Cream cheese, cucumber topped with smoked salmon.
Good. Its your standard Philly Roll.

Amaebi & Toro Sushi $5
I like eating prawn heads, these deep-fried ones smelled really good too.

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