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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kim Ga Nae Korean BBQ

4260 No. 3 Rd #180 (Near Aberdeen)
Richmond, BC V6X2C2
Tel: (604) 273-4747

Other things worth mentioning are the pork neck and chicken. You can also order squid, onions, carrots, mushrooms to bbq with your meat.

The appetizers and side orders included that are worth eating would be the Jap Chae, Seafood Pancake, and the Tofu Egg Soup! (I'm not a fan of Kimchi or Bimbimbap so I have don't have any comment about those) The price for lunch is super worth it, the dinner price is okay, I think it was like $21.

I'll definitely come back! This is one of the best Korean BBQ All You Can Eat places I've had.

Service: Interior Atmosphere: Pricing:

All You Can Eat Korean BBQ $12.95 lunch
Delicious BBQ Short Ribs!!!
These babies are the only thing you need to order in terms of meat, they're SO GOOD!

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