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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Phnom Penh 金邊小館

244 E. Georgia St. (Chinatown)
Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z7
Tel: (604) 682 - 5777

This place is super famous and won a lot of awards (that you can see near the entrance) - none for good customer service. This is definitely one of those places that only have good food and nothing else... Its super busy and crowded usually. I've tried their normal pho noodles and they're alright. Make a reservation if you're coming with a party of 5 or more.

Service: Interior Atmosphere: Pricing:

Phnom Penh Deep Fried Chicken Wings $7.95 / $12.50
Very delicious! Salty, sweet, sour, spicy. They're very famous for this particular dish!

Phnom Penh Curry Chicken Hot Pot $13.50
Tasty, goes best with rice. Chicken meat is particularly yummy! Last time I had it, it was a bit on the watery side.

Marinated Butter Beef $12.85
I think this is my favourite thing here, its like a beef carpaccio. Don't let the red scare you!

Phnom Penh Two Kinds of Noodle (No Broth) $7.25
(Cambodian style)
This was just meh :\ its got egg noodle and rice noodle in it.

Trieu Chau Fried Oyster Cake $14.50
Very chewy and big. I think I've had better ones though elsewhere for less $$.

Deep Fried Spring Rolls
These were okay, like every other place.

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