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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot 韓州豆腐火鍋

4500 Kingsway #1218 (Crystal Mall)
Burnaby, BC V5H 2A9
Tel: (604) 434-8098

The taste of food here makes people keep coming back. This place has Taiwanese style Korean food, well more specifically 'tofu hot pot' because their menu only consists of those things. Although you can also order some bubble tea here but I wouldn't expect too much. Its more of a lunch place since at night they close fairly early (@ 9pm). There are ALWAYS lineups outside and inside. Because its always packed, you might be put at a table that's right beside another set of customers and it might be socially awkward for people who aren't used to that (sitting at the same table as other customers is common in small restaurants in Asia). Like most Asian places, this place is cash-only.

Service: Interior Atmosphere: Pricing:

Korean BBQ on Rice $6.90
Tasty! The meat was sweet and went well with the rice, vegetables and egg. Didn't like the tofu that much, but it tasted better mixed in with the rice. The soup was too salty :( This dish is a favourite among many and also for those who don't eat soupy noodles.

Seafood Tofu Hot Pot $5.90
Tasty broth and I really like the vermicelli and tofu. This place has the best tofu hotpot in Burnaby! (Better-tasting than Sasaya's on Royal Oak). This time they did not give me mussels that had a shell on them or even one that's decent-sized. Next time I go there though I will still order this!

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Joseph Cheu said...

Try the one on north road. It's called House of Tofu Soup. It's right under the overpass of No.1. You'd get a tofu soup when u order any entree. So just dun get tofu soup by itself!

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