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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oysi Oysi Japanese & Chinese Restaurant

1136 Alberni St. (Downtown)
Vancouver, BC V6E 1A5
Tel: (604) 682 - 0011

I found that the food here was surprisingly good. I'm usually skeptical of these 'typical Japanese food' types of places (ie. Daimasu, Fish On Rice, Richmond/Kingsway Sushi). Oysi Oysi took me by surprise! I really like the traditional decor and general atmosphere. Even though its located in downtown, the food isn't priced ridiculously expensive. The taste and quality of food is definitely a lot better than most of those other "Japanese" restaurants although I wouldn't group it with places like Guu. I want to come back to try the other things on their menu! I've gone there twice now, once for dinner, once for lunch.

Service: Interior Atmosphere: Pricing:

Sashimi Salad $11
3 of each salmon, tuna, prawn...
Very yummy! I would get this again so other people could try it, even though I don't order 'salad' usually...

Tuna Tataki ~$8
I would get this again ^_^ so tasty! the tuna pieces were the right size for me. And I really love the liberal amounts of green onion on top!

House Roll ~$7
No artificial crab here.
I would also order this again, its really unexpectedly tasty.

Lunch Combo $7.25
Miso, rice, 5 sashimi, chicken teriyaki, 2 prawn tempura, some veg. tempura.
Prawn tempura was really good! Chicken teriyaki was crispy and perfectly cooked. The sashimi was like an added bonus. For this price especially, this combo is REALLY GOOD!

Lunch Combo $7.50
Tonkatsu ramen with cha siu and egg & gyoza
This didn't taste as good as the other things :( the soup base was mediocre (doesn't stand up to the nearby ramen shops, cha siu (pork) was REALLY tasty though! :) The noodles themselves are white and straight, they remind of Chinese ramen noodles more than Japanese ramen. Gyoza's were good though. I wouldn't order this again..

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