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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WINGS Pub & Grill

6879 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5E 1E4
Tel: (604) 525-7414

Interior Atmosphere:

It may look like your typical pub on the outside, but the food here is substantially better quality than your average pub. I am a big fan of eating wings and yam fries while enjoying a cold glass of beer. And this place nails all three of those things really well. Just on tap, they have a wide variety of beers available; so many that I wonder how the waitress was able to remember them all. They also have a variety of yummy cocktails, check out their website for a comprehensive list of them all~ So let's take a look at their food.

WINGS: Yam Fries
Yam Fries $6.49
A new item on their menu and it is definitely good. The yam fries were so delectable that I was so tempted to order another plate of them. The fries are very light and crispy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. The chipotle mayo dip that accompanies the fries complements it very well. The dip had just enough spice and mayo flavour. This is a MUST-HAVE for yam fries lovers!

Wings - 3 lb. for $22.09
From left to right: Sweet Thai, Heavenly Honey Garlic, Sicilian Butter
These wings are very savoury and the distinctive flavours dance around your tongue for each bite that you take. They were so good that I ate the entire wing, cartilage and all, well except for the bones, obviously.Sweet Thai is slightly spicy and is complemented with a bit of sweetness. You can keep eating it and not be overwhelmed by the spice because only a little bit of spice will linger in your mouth.Heavenly Honey Garlic is just that.....heavenly, honey, and garlic!Sicilian Butter is a not as strong in flavour as the other wings, it's main taste comes from the garlic butter they used to make it, but it tastes great with the Ranch dip that came with it.

Wings - Tora, tora, tora Tokyo - 1 lb. for $7.69
This is their Teriyaki flavour wings. It has a refreshingly sweet taste that'll wake up your taste buds. The wings are lightly fried so they absorb the great taste of Teriyaki and it softens up the crispy skin of the wings.

Mini Burgers $8.79
A new item on their menu. These cute little burgers are great for sharing, one of the best points about them is their soft, lightly toasted burger bun and it has pickles! These burgers are easy to eat and don't leave you feeling bloated. The burger features a unique Yukon Jack sauce that you'll definitely take notice and like.

Wings: Texas Dry Rub, Salt & Pepper
Yummy in my tummy. I didn't use the dip though, I liked the chicken wings as is.

WINGS: Seafood Alfredo
Shrimp Alfredo
This is was the weirdest tasting pasta ever. The shrimp was good though, alfredo sauce not so much.

Garden Salad Sandwich
This was just okay.

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