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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunflower Cafe 向日葵

7569C Royal Oak Ave (Burnaby South)
Burnaby, BC V5J

Service: Interior Atmosphere: Pricing:

Good atmosphere in this small family run restaurant. They recently extended their business hours so they're open until 12am now! The bubble tea here is quite good. My personal favourite is the Mango Milk Tea, which I could easily say is the best in the lower mainland. First off, its not sour! Their other flavours taste standard and good, no let-downs here at $3.50.

Kimchi Fried Rice ~$6.50
The rice was a bit too hard and the spicyness was just enough. If the rice was bit softer then it would rival that of GUU.

Crispy Chicken with Noodle in Soup $6.50
I really like the crispy chicken here. Its got the right amount of meat, pepper, and fried batter, it never lets me down. (Better than Bubble World by far!) This dish is my go-to order because it's always yummy.

Seafood Vermicelli in Sand Pot ~$6.95
The vermicelli is yummy! It has a good assortment of seafood: mussel, shrimp, squid, naruto (fish cake); and also some pork.

Beef With Rice

Kimchi Pan Fried Noodles

Crispy Peppery Chicken with Rice $6.50

Chicken Fried Rice

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