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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Legends Pub & Restaurant

6511 Buswell St.
Richmond, BC
V6Y 3B5
Tel: (604) 276-2343

Interior Atmosphere: 

This is your typical pub, dark, noisy, and filled with people. But they do have a good point, their wings are only $5/lb on Wednesday! That's the only reason I come here.

Wings- Honey Mustard - 1lb - $5 
If you like honey mustard, you would love these wings. Sweet and savoury. The wings are fried a bit before baking with the sauce, sometimes the wings may have too much or too little sauce on it.

Wings - Honey Garlic - 1b - $5 
This is a less sweet alternative to Honey Mustard. I like the flavour for these wings because it's sweet as well as garlic-y!
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